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The best Curriculum vitae to get a job

Your CV is your first form of contact with a company, therefore; It should be simple, unique, brief and original, it is important to include the key points and leave the details for the interview.


Nowadays, companies read hundreds of CVs and do not usually invest more than 30 seconds in each one. Therefore, your curriculum vitae should not exceed 1 page, it should be written with simple language and short phrases. In this article we provide you with a series of tips and we explain how to make a resume correctly.


Enter here your full name, a phone number and an email address. Personal data that should not be included: full address, marital status, date of birth, age, last average …


Make a brief description of what you do best and how long you have been doing it. There are phrases that DO NOT surprise recruiters anymore: “teamwork, results-oriented, proactive”, try to use unique and creative words. Always speak positively using words like “I improved, I reached, I solved”. Also include a link to your LinkedIn profile in case you have one. Continue reading The best Curriculum vitae to get a job