See here the answers of some of the most common questions by our users, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

How does The Resumer work?

You just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Select a CV template
  2. Make payment of your template
  3. Fill in all the fields you want to include
  4. Finally, in the next 24 hours you will receive an email from Theresumer with your cv.
Is it necessary to attach a photo?

No, it is not necessary, only if you want it to appear on your resume.

What format will I receive the Curriculum?

All our templates are sent in PDF or JPG (A4) format.

How should I send a resume to a company or jobhunter, PDF or Word?

It is more recommended the PDF format, below we present the reasons:The PDF can not be modified, your CV will become responsible for human resources.

  • The PDF can not be modified by anyone, your CV will arrive at the human resources manager unaltered and exactly as you want.
  • PDF files are usually virus-free documents, therefore; the recruiters prefer it.
  • A Word CV format will weigh twice as much as a PDF format, if you want to send your CV by e-mail or you want to upload it on a website.
  • Word has many different versions and may present problems when opening.
  • A PDF Curriculum can be opened from a Mac as from a PC without any problem. It will be compatible with all computer versions.
What is a PDF format?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It refers to a type of documents that are generally characterized by not being editable or modifiable by the one that opens them, therefore PDFs are highly recommended to send invoices, budgets, activity programs, curriculums and similar things where you do not need or edits anything in the file.

On Mac and Windows you do not need any program to read PDF.

Is the payment of these templates safe?

Yes, definitely. Payments are made through Stripe. Nowadays it is the best payment method, all data is encrypted, it does not save or manage any private information.

Can I correct the information in my Curriculum?

Of course, you must enter the contact button menu, you will find a button with the correct information option, fill in the information you want to change and then we will send you an email with your updated curriculum

Where can I find the Curriculum templates ?

In the home are 2 categories of templates, curriculum design or horizontal curriculum. The horizontal curriculum is designed for CVs that contain a lot of information and you want to be able to include everything in a single sheet.

How many pages should my Curriculum have?

The ideal is to make the Curriculum on only 1 page, it is advisable to summarize the Curriculum to the maximum, leave the most outstanding information, the clearer the better for the company, the companies are tired of seeing Curriculum of more than 2 pages, the CV is the first door for an interview, therefore; It is essential to be specific and simplify the maximum by generating an easy-to-read Curriculum, attractive, without much text.

How long will it take me to receive my curriculum vitae?

Once the service is contracted, we will send your resume to your email within 24 to 48 hours. Check that you write your email correctly to be able to send your Resume .

What documents do I have to send for the curriculum preparation?

You have to send us your curriculum vitae, in Word or PDF format. No matter what presentation you have, it is important that it contains updated personal data, professional profile, education, work experience, languages, references, your main skills and contact data such as email, address (optional) mobile phone and full name, in general all the information you want to appear on your resume.
If you do not have your CV in Word, there is also the option to fill in your information in the form that appears after making the payment.

What are the types of files allowed and sizes to send my resume?

Allowed text file types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT

Types of formats for images: JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Maximum file size: 2MB

What is a personal website and what is it used for?

A personal website, is a web page with all personal information such as experience, professional profile, education, skills, references, the same curriculum information on a website with the ease of sending the personalized link to the company or recruiter.

Why design my curriculum, if there are already web pages where I can fill out the information?

Companies receive a large amount of CV per published offer, which makes the selection difficult, if you want your CV to stand out from others and have more options, the ideal is to customize your CV and what better opportunity with The Resumer that does everything for you

How does the personalized website work?

You just have to select the design that you like, we provide you with the link, (Example: if you want a personalized link, we will buy it for you, you just have to select in the home, shop button, personal website design, select the template and then the option of website + personalized link

Can I update my Curriculum information already paid?

Yes, this will have an additional cost, you must make the payment by card and then fill in the information you wish to modify. More information

Can I make the correction or update myself of my Curriculum in the future?

No, if you want to make any changes you must go to the Menu, contact button, information correction button and you will receive an email with the updated information.

Can you advise me and recommend a template for my curriculum vitae?

If you have any questions, you can write us at or in the contact form